Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

The decorations were done and the tree was up – loads of trinkets that I allowed my friend to painstakingly shop for me for the tree (thank the Lord for that! But I put them up mind you!), and streamers in shining red and silver that adorned the walls. Nice it looked. I plunked into my couch and stared at it all. Ok, so it was all done, but who’s going to look at it? Yeah, my relatives and friends of course; they might pass a few half-hearted comments to please mom (not me, come on! I’m not the one who is going to send them back with loads of Christmas goodies right!). But hey! I deserve them ok, who actually takes out time now-a-days to do things like these?! Or the kids might ooh and aah at the tree to make a grab at the gifts beneath it (Yeah they did both :)). But that’s it! All my hard work will then be packed and stacked away for a whole year for the sole viewing pleasure of spiders and roaches. As I was whiling away my resting time thinking so, all the while solemnly sizing up the tree, I get a call.
It’s my friend Nishant, who works as a photographer with the newly launched broadsheet newspaper - DNA.

Nishant : “Hey Jacob! Merry Christmas!”

Me: “Thanks da”

Nishant : “Listen I need to shoot a Christian home for a Christmas special in our Daily”

I look at the tree as my smile broadens, I can see it hatching an opportunistic plan, that cunning piece of coniferous trimming! It somehow twists its twiggy way into my head and says those magic words – “OF COURSE YOU CAN COME HOME!”

Nishant : “Cool da, I’ll be there in an hour”

He came. He shot my tree AND me, with my brood of nephews and nieces. And on Christmas day there was my tree published in a newspaper for the whole of Bangalore to see, with its proud owner standing next to it *smug grin*
Ok ok yeah it is DNA for heaven’s sake, something which half of Bangalore still thinks refers to that piece of ladder-like thingy that determines your fat nose or extra body fat, but still, at least a pint-size population of Bangalore would have seen it na… And that counts! :)
On the whole, a nice Christmas gift it turned out to be :), all thanks to a scheming tree, Nishant and TONS of divine providence…
Merry Christmas!!!


MM said...

A very nice Christmas gift! And you look too much puppy deer in that photo! :D But I couldnt see details on comp... send me off proper pics.

Nishant come to my house also!! *pouts*

Brian 'Curmudgeon' Polson said...

Better yet, post off article on blog...

Daicub&Daicub said...
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