Sunday, December 7, 2008


Damn the bloody leap year man!!! All my dreams of waking on a lazy Sunday morning for my birthday are now sunken… And this being a special birthday and all, when I leave behind my lanky teenage years and step into the more complicated aisle of adulthood… Tsk, tsk. Anyways, since this being a special birthday and all, and it being a Monday, I thought I’ll get to work and make myself a birthday-resolution list! Since now I have to ‘act’ adult (not ‘be’, note that. Who really IS anyways?!) now, I have to give up a few of my teenage wayward ways that are a shame to adulthood… Supposedly… So here goes!

1.Hit the Gym – I see the sag… I see the tyres… I see the girls ogling at John
Abraham… I see myself not giving a damn… gotta stop. Hey dude you could look at the good omen! JA – Jacob Anand! All I have to do is keep lifting a stick stuck with two metals balls on its ends, repeatedly, like a zombie, for three hours a day, four days a week, giving up on my social life and favorite shows, sweating, panting, tearing a measly muscle here and there and wearing really short gym shorts… Ha, I could do that…! Watch out Bips, here I come…

2.Stop Watching Springboob, uh sorry, Spongebob Squarepants – Ya, I know,
it was a hard confession… I can already see the LOLs and ROTFLs in your head… but who cares! That spatula-wielding yellow creature with holes has me glued to the TV set every night at eight… Not to mention his star buddy, Patrick, who reminds me of half the politicians in the world…

3. Not be fed by mamma - Ok, ok…it’s not everyday… only when I’m too pooped
out after a grueling day at CU not CC to pick that plate and feed myself. And what the heck! The food tastes better… :)

4. Stop playing Boggle (Is that the right spelling deer?) in class – Ever since I was
introduced to this game to kill time in boring classes I have taken it on with a child-like competitiveness. (You don’t know what boggle is? Ha! Loser!) Never mind the fact that I lose half the time, because I at least get to keep myself from snoring off and leaving sleep-drool on the desks. (Which a lot of people in our class have quite excelled in doing. Think twice before you place your hands on that ‘comfortable’ desk again!)

5. Throw away all my old comics and books – You can’t imagine the number of
these things that I have! Superman, Archie, Tinkle, The Moby book series and more… I have read them a gazillion times over and over again, sometimes even preferring them over my optional English texts (Ya, I see you nodding in agreement). Given a choice I’d very well prefer getting my degree in this. Hey Bachelor of Comics, BCom, doesn’t sound suspicious either. :)

And now comes the mother of all resolutions
6. Break every single resolution given above! – Come on already, you think I’m
gonna go out of my way and do all of the above! Ha! Then people won’t recognize me…! So let’s just let it be k? This birthday I’ll just celebrate all of the above instead of giving it away…

So there it is… My dismantled list… And my Happy Birthday…

Thanks deer for that ‘Happy three days before your birthday day!’, and then ‘Happy two days before your birthday day!’, and then ‘Happy… (ok so you get it na) wishes. I only hope you don’t start with ‘Happy 365th day before your birthday day!’ from tomo… :)


MM said...

Yay!! Happy birday day deer!! :) :) :)
Not just another manic Monday. It will be tons ans tons better! :) :)

Hit the gym deer! Like Daicob! Come on! Bips is waiting! (The girls being me and Tam no? hehehe)

You and that yellow sponge! Thu, I wish I got Nickelodeon, see what the fuss is all about.

Fed by mamma??? *refrains from commenting* :D (But I will tease you tomorrow!) (LOL, ROTFL)

Boggle. Right spelling it is being! Sleep drool hahahaha! Those desks no!

JA: BCom, BA, MBA. Not bad, ra maccha. :) :)

Yay break them off fully!! :) You forgot Happy twenty minutes before your birthday day!

Now listen, you are going to have a great birday day, great day after birday day and even more smashingly great day day after birday day! ;) Yay! :)

See you soon deer! Mwah!

Daicub&Daicub said...

haha deer... LOADS of thanks... :)I was in two minds about putting that fed by mamma thing... I knew you'd tease me about it!!! :)