Monday, September 7, 2009


It’s been quite a while since I put up original pictures here, what with me having bought a new camera phone and all that. So I decided to compile the most interesting, funny and intriguing of the lot to present a collage.

Intertwining branches in a park on a twilight evening - This looked liked something straight out of a biology slide under the microscope back in college; thin, trembling veins running through a sea of cells, supplying and absorbing nutrients.

I never thought Majestic was quite the area to exude beauty and charm. But on this particular evening, there was something about the way the sky was aglow, with wispy clouds sailing smoothly in tandem with the numerous buses lined in procession on the roads.

Every time I sit down and wait for my system to boot, I sort of peer into this techno-alien’s eyes. Do you see him? One red and one green eye, with a gaping mouth and an oval, shiny nose. Weird. Whoever taught us that the CPU is the brain of the computer in middle-school, sort of giving him a human garb, must have had one of these. Maybe he brainwashed them into saying that. At times, his unwavering and constant gaze makes me feel that he is conspiring to take over all that I own on my comp!

The Corporation probably thinks that Bangalore’s citizens aren’t listening to any of it’s pleas to keep the city clean. Sadly, they seem to have taken the problem quite literally. Tsk, tsk.

Taken at one of the many ad agencies in Bangalore. Yes, this can happen only in India.

Also taken at the same ad agency. Tired of whatever it is that I was doing there, I peeped out of the window to take in some much needed fresh air. This is the ground right next to the boulevard (or rather what exists of it now) on MG road. It was REALLY windy and the trees actually made me laugh! Yes, they did! Look at that cluster of lean trees bordered by the much more well fed (?) trees. They were swaying back and forth, all together, like a group of revelers high on dope! Slowly, unhurriedly and without giving a damn to the impeding light drizzle… I almost imagined them muttering incomprehensibly “hmphnumanbrhm guuahaun” as they did their slow dope-dance…

Past-life regression therapist???? That seriously made me laugh for days!! Can you help me doc? I was a chainsaw-wielding rabid maniac who went around dismembering doctors in my past life… try that for regression!


MM said...

Hahahaa I LOVE it! Your best post ever deer. Love the descriptions... SO apt.
Isnt it awesome having a camera phone? I have so many interesting photos now because of it.

I really really like the first photo. And the last one had be laughing big time. :D What strange sights we come across :D

daicub&daicub said...

Tell me! Now, with the phone, I've become more attune to these interesting sights... And my collection is already building... :)

What say you also put up one similar one on your blog means... :)

Hellamps said...

d first one is a streptococcus bacteria..!

and d corporation order rocked, guess i got a new idea for delhi ahead of d commonwealths...
d slogans for such stuff are worth checkin out too!*which go like"look at a donkey pee-ing"*

and Dr.Sneh Desai, m cOOOming bang-a-looroo!

daicub&daicub said...

well... So it's Dr. Sneh that you'll come to b'lore for eh ankit?? haha! trust me, he must've have packed his bags and run off to where he came from - delhi!! :D

Datasmith said...