Sunday, January 11, 2009


It was getting to me, all that pondering and sweaty anxiety about the years ahead. It still is, like an endless nail being drilled into an endless wall. Status, prestige, yummy salary packages… things that I expect but find them too much to take, like a heavy cream desert after a five course meal that makes you puke. In a fit, in the flash of a flame that represented all my wonder years I came up with the following-

Spoil not my mind
With tales of success
And dreams of reaching
High and beyond.
I am happy here
With my sheep and my soup
Grazing my cows
In the valley of peace.

Oh shepherd of my soul! Sadly... nobody pays you for being at peace with yourself...


MM said...

Nice post deer!

It is getting to me too! Let us have small two minute ranting session about it all tomorrow.

About your last line... I really wish they would!! :(

MM said...

Love the photo! It is always nice to see a new post up here. :)

Daicub&Daicub said...

two minutes??? I think I need more than that!!!

Priyanka said...

its eating all our heads...the status and yummy salary packages..i feel u.and yes, nobody pays us for being at's an unfair world!it's corrupting our minds! :(

Daicub&Daicub said...

tell me bout it pri... :(

Datasmith said...

" nobody pays us for being at peace." - i feel when one is at peace its not for the pay...there is 100 course meal yet to come .. i call it the mental masturbation :P lol,.. but when you come out if it .. you feel a lot more venerate yourself for what you are and what you do..